My name is Melton Bell III, and I am a digital designer and visual multimedia artist based in Houston, Texas. My focuses and specialties include — but are not limited to — Brand Strategy and Visual Identity, Package Design, and Web Design & Development.

My career was launched in 2011, taking root in my genuine desire to amplify the work of friends and family who needed someone to meet their visual needs for their businesses. From my partnerships at the beginning of my career, I immediately saw that my niche is in delivering problem-solving design executions that are commercially viable for companies but also unique and original to my clients. In other words, I desire not to do derivative work but to level up my clients’ brand identities and overall presence in the industries in which they reside.

My value system in my visual work is rooted in designing content that has brand equity with my clients. Explicitly speaking,  intimate collaboration with my partners is heavily appreciated in my achieving the best possible results. This is because I place a premium on articulating the most desired visions of my clients while bridging those ideas in a fashion that can adequately connect to their customer bases.

I aim to capture the character of the businesses I work with and help develop a strategy that best fits the respective audiences. Based on personal insights into your market and my research, my work intensity is providing distinguishably high-quality design services that cover all the business needs that are both presently obvious and previously unseen.

I have worked with many businesses of various sizes, from large corporations to boutique operations to startup ventures. The company’s size is less important to me than properly grasping the scale of the needs of those who connect to me to provide the appropriate solutions. And by “appropriate solutions,” I mean those that help build the capacity of the organizations so that mending the fences is not a frequent occurrence by which said organizations will have to attend. 

Creating thoughtful, simple visual identity assets for brands of all sizes is not only what I do; it’s my passion — a visceral passion for helping people communicate ideas that help people.

I’m in the space of listening to offers or reviewing opportunities, but I’m invested in working with a partner (or partners) who values me and my work in a longer-term relationship. 

Direct message, SMS/text, or email if you are interested in conversing with me. I’m always glad to find space to learn with others who see that I might meet a need, and truthfully, listening and talking with others contributes a great deal of daily inspiration for me as I move forward into new projects.