Coolxdad: Amplifying Fatherhood

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CoolxDad is a 501c3 non profit organization focused on the aid and uplift of all fathers of striving to build a better world for their children and serve the communities in which they live.


While the clients had creative experience in the past. They were looking to elevate the brand overall. CoolxDad being a very unique non profit understanding the overall mission was paramount and making sure the community felt the emotional connection was vital. I was tasked with creating the essential brand consistency and developing a creative team that could execute CoolxDad overall goals.


Over the past 2 years, I was able to assist grow CoolxDad from a 3 person company to a full creative team. By creating a consistent design system and brand guidelines we were able to raise our brand awareness and connect with brands such as J.P. Morgan, Nike, Comcast, Uncle Nearest Vodka, & Montrose collective.

Priority focuses are as follows:

  • Build a consistent brand guidelines & design system
  • Lead creative team on executing various projects year round
  • Develop brand awareness through creative storytelling

Web Development

We are developing a cool website that connects dads with the latest information and stories on fatherhood. I want to use this opportunity to connect with other fathers who share similar interests and help them get involved in our nonprofit.We wanted to develop a website that would be both informative, interactive and user friendly.


One way we set ourselves apart was to develop cool merchandise to connect with our community. Our merchandise is so coveted, it’s one of the main reasons people visit our store.


Presentation decks are very important parts of what we do. When we present to our partners and sponsors, it’s crucial that they understand who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. We’re often meeting with partners and sponsors to help them understand our mission and goals. Providing presentations that they can understand, draw from and connect with has been a big part of what we do at our non profit.

Marketing Materials

One of my favorite aspects of working here is designing our marketing material for events and programming. This has given me an opportunity to develop different styles and really push my creativity, from print designs to social media.

The Art of Storytelling

One of the most important things that I wanted to make sure it’s developed for this brand is to make sure we told the story throughout everything we did. It was very easy for us to fall into a space of only focusing on the “Cool” I wanted to make sure we focused on the fatherhood and told stories that connected with not only our members but the community at large. Being able to show a diverse group of fathers and tell their stories were extremely important. We did this to our copywriting, photography as well as video.

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