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Jozuri is the manifestation of the desire to create plant-based products that encourage self-care and healing, naturally. Our products represent the great wisdom that flows from, to and through our people. We exist to enlighten others about the benefits of CBD while creating a unique space for wellness and holistic healing. And through our entire line, you will find essential products that ease your body, spirit, and mind.


Bryant Mitchell, founder and CEO of Blaqstar farms, one of the first African Americans in the country to be able to access the legal cannabis space, wanted to create a product to alleviate the strain and carpal tunnel-like symptoms his workers were facing in his other cannabis business. I was tasked with developing a brand refresh including leading an initial marketing campaign. Through extensive research into emerging trends and innovative manufacturing processes, we developed a brand identity that reflects on current market needs with a sustainable approach towards producing our products.


Since completing the brand refresh for Jozuri it is now a well-known brand in the black owned CBD space with a loyal returning customer base, and has earned its place within professional circles. This year has been filled with experience, knowledge and growth. As a result of this successful pivot and the continued investment in the business, their revenue have more than doubled and more importantly we have seen an increase in our retail sales by 52%.

Priority focuses are as follows:

  • Build a consistent brand guidelines & website
  • Develop brand awareness through creative storytelling

Moodboards & Direction

I started out by creating a mood board which are an essential step for any brand to establish its visual identity and communicate its message effectively.

I wanted to include images of diverse individuals using the product, natural and organic elements to highlight the brand’s commitment to sustainability and wellness, and bold colors to evoke a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Web Development


Packaging Design

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