In The Land of The Blind, A One-Eyed Man is King

Mar 21, 2024

We live in a time when perception becomes a reality until we no longer distinguish reality from perception. What’s more, damming is the commitment to misunderstanding that is even more prevalent. Some say it is not what you say but how you say it, but after peeling back the layers, you tend to find that voicing concerns is counterproductive to the ego-driven self-interest disguised as a more significant duty. In moments like this, some may think patience is a virtue; too much patience is cowardice.

Many Men in Design

Mar 16, 2024

Many people, men, in particular, are incredibly Machiavellian in nature. They lack inner self-development or an adequate hero’s journey, which has them warring for perceived success over failure while losing their understanding of morality in the process.

Our capitalist system has broken these men down into literal zombies clawing and scraping for an illusionary spot on top of a masochistic throne to gorge themselves on the flesh of women and processed food. Egomaniacal twisted bastard sons of Ayn Rand espousing depraved nonsense, utterly detached from reality.

Corporate Spaces

Feb 21, 2024

In most corporate spaces and life, people generally play up their “niceness” to cover up their insidious range of emotions. Genuine kindness doesn’t benefit most. So, a game of delusion commences with shallow, self-serving interactions, all under the guise of community.


Jan 16, 2024

Boys focus on transforming the world, while Men focus on transcendence.

– Transcending means to rise above, go beyond, exceed, and excel.
– Transform means to change the form of, to metamorphose, and to change in shape or appearance, to change in nature, disposition, heart, or character.

I’ve never aimed to conquer, only ever to save.

In the matrix, the emphasis is on the flesh, the material, the external–all things that can diminish, be stolen or taken away, and expire.

People’s motivations are usually upwards or downwards.

They either desire to become more dense or locked into the physical. Or less thick and rise to the spiritual.

Money is the false god that lives in the physical and provides the illusion of love.